Our Add-ons

Library Management

1. Organize Your Books                              2. Track Your Books Easily                                    3. Escalation

Organize Your Books

You want to organize your books in firm. We help you  with organizing your books with labels and create inventory in our app. Labels can have all the details related to book. Creating and maintaining inventory is made easy.

Track Your Books

Post inventory creation, the books to staff  members. Along with issuing a book automatic notification  is sent to borrower. The notification is sent via email along with details like when it was issued and when it is supposed to be returned.


Borrower is reminded about the return date for a book. If not returned, an escalation to reporting manager is sent.

R & D Feature

While handling any matter there may be requirement for referring any document or previous judgement for similar case or short description of any detailed section or anything else, R & D option supports you to design a road map for any matter. Using this we can prepare our relevant documents or even store judgement which is required for matter and can complete a quick pre-study about it. This can be referred in any case as reference. Hope it’s interesting to identify your path where you have to move.