1. What types of cases does MyPleader Support?
    MyPleader is highly customizable. It has capability to support Civil, Criminal, Arbitration, Corporate etc.

  2. Can MyPleader be used by single practicing lawyer or legal firm?
    MyPleader can be used by both.

  3. How and where the documents are stored?
    MyPleader can be integrated with leading storage solutions like Box, Google Drive, One Drive etc.

  4. Does MyPleader take care of security and data protection?
    MyPleader is very much concerned about the client’s data. Access controls are in place. Each organization’s data resides in separate server. Most important data reside within the country.

  5. What kind of customer support does MyPleader have?
    MyPleader team works from 8am to 8pm. Extended support is support is available.

  6. Will MyPleader work with all devices?
    Yes, MyPleader is compatible on all devices.

  7. How does the pricing work?
    Please contact us – sales@mypleader.com or +91 9441647715 for further details.