Case Management

MyPleader is designed to help law firms to manage the complete aspects of cases by breaking down into following modules. All the information related to cases are easily accessible.

Manage cases for all case types &  sub-types

Case management on finger tips with MyPleader in totally secured environment without worrying about data loss. Flexibility to create any  case type or subtype based on your firm's requirement.  Workload is reduced by 50% with templates addressing repetitive work.

Checklist Generation

No hassle of remembering what is required for case scheduled in coming days. MyPleader’s checklist generation will help you.

Time Tracking

Every time you might be wondering how should i track the time spent on a particular case. With time tracking feature, we made it easy for our customers to track the time spent at case level and also by each staff.

Document Management

With this feature we ensure that all case related documents will be stored in secured place and be available all the time from anywhere. We have integrated with the robust products like Cloud Storage (Box and Google Drive).

Added are two more features with this are Manage Document Indexing  and eBook Generation. You can easily manage the document indexing with just drag and drop. eBook can also be generated with just one-click. eBook is created  with all documents related to case, in the sequence you want.

Task Management

Case related work distribution made easy with Task management feature. Task can be assigned to the staff who has less workload. All tasks can be viewed by staff based on permissions. Tasks can be viewed by each staff on their screens with history of work done.

Calendar & Reminders

Plan your day/week/month/Year with this feature. Add event in calendar along with reminders and assign the event to staff or to yourself.


This is a critical part of any business and helps us to maintain a relationship with our clients. Clients look for status updates on what happened and what is next. We care for our customers, hence this feature. Communication is made possible with

    1. A. SMS
    2. B. Live Chat
    3. C. Email

Search Functionality

Searching documents / case related info is tedious with MyPleader, it is very simple, fast and unbelievable. Many customers defined tags or categories for search are available for searching the content.

Export Data

List of cases, clients, tasks, timer, calendar events can be exported to CSV, PDF and also to EXCEL files with export functionality.